I love what I do


My total inspiration comes from my husband, Chris and our two children, Aiden and Emma. I haven’t always been a full time photographer.  My path started out very differently, actually.  All my life I adored children and was inspired by many teachers to become a wonderful elementary school teacher myself…and I was for 5 years.  While teaching I would often shoot with my husband on the weekends at weddings.  It wasn’t until we had our second child that I decided to take the jump and pursue my passion for photography full time.  Now I feel like I get to preserve precious memories for other families while still being able to work with children. We’ve experienced first hand many of life’s greatest adventures…engagement, wedding, pregnancies, family…and I love capturing all those moments for others, because we all know time slips away faster than we know.  But at least we’ll have a photograph to remember it by. In my free time I love shopping at Target, dancing Zumba, and watching shows or movies on Netflix.

I always get teary eyed during ceremonies


Always capturing the moment

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